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Iced Vanilla ZeroCafe

Iced Vanilla ZeroCafe

Iced Vanilla ZeroCafe

Summer is here and here’s a fun way to enjoy our Chilly Date ZeroCafe! We made it delicious and ice-cold just in time for your summer cravings!
Iced Vanilla ZeroCafe

• 2 table spoons of Chilly Date Zerocafe.

• 1 glass of chilled Full Fat Milk/ Almond Milk/ Coconut Milk

• 3 scoops Vanilla Ice Cream

• Maple syrup


1. Brew Chilly Date Zerocafe for 10-15mins in a moka pot. You could use any other traditional coffee brewing device.
Iced Vanilla ZeroCafe

2. In a serving glass, add ice

3. Pour the brewed zerocafe
4. Add milk

5. Top with 3 scoops of vanila ice cream

6. Add a little bit of maple syrup to taste (If the vanilla ice cream is already sweet, you may skip this!)

7. Dash with ZeroCafe toppings!

7. Serve immediately

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